The above are part of a story about a little boy named Bobby and the Twisty Head Business Men.  These artworks were my way of exploring what it means to grow up.  Bobby represents youth and adventure, and the twisty head business men represent corporate adults.  They follow Bobby on his fun adventures.

These images are visual development exploration pieces for one of my favourite childhood stories ; Beatrix Potter's " The tale of Ms Tiggy Winkle".  Her book is about the adventures of a little girl named Lucy who lives on a small farm with her parents and constantly loses her pocket handkerchiefs. One day, thinking she can see her handkercheif sparkling,  Lucy climbs the large hill near her farm . At the top of the hill she meets a mythical creature who lives at the peak in a little cottage. Ms Tiggy Winkle, as she is called, turns out to be a cute little hedgehog  who spends her days washing all the little outfits of the characters on the hill. Visually I set this story in rural France in a small fishing village.